How it works?

1. You upload your content (videos and/or images).

2. Our resident artists process them into AR experiences.

3. You use our app to see the prints come to life.

It feels a bit like magic and quickly becomes an exciting topic of conversation with guests.

Prints are used as triggers to play videos overlaid in AR.
Use our app to see them come to life.
Photo Prints Box
Fine Art Paper
Premium Linen Canvas

Augmented Prints

Wall Art AR offers a range of Augmented Print Services for you to chose from. If you have a special request for size or medium dont hesitate contact us for more information.

Premium Photo Paper A4 and A3, 300g Starting from 39 €
Fine Art Paper From A4, 320g Starting from 49 €
Offset Poster From 80x45 cm, 210g Starting from 69 €
Premium Linen Canvas From 80x45 cm, 400g Starting from 219 €