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The Augmented Prints
Social Media Platform
for Everyone

Prints start at 39€

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Augment Your Favorite Memories

Augment Your Prints

GoodTimes AR is the first social media platform that offers affordable Augmented Prints services for everyone.

Enjoy and share your favorite memories like never before with Augmented Prints.

Social Media
Augmented Prints Gallery

Your account acts like any other social media account allowing you to engage with your friends, who can follow you, "Love/Favorite" your content, but we do not display a counter to the public.

Similarly, users can Direct Message you but there is no open comment section.

Augmented Prints for Businesses

Pro Account

With your GoodTimes AR professional account you get the ability to sell your AR Prints directly to your customers.

Simply upload your content and we take care of the rest. Our team handles processing, printing, logistics, and shipping, as well as after sales, so you can focus on what you do best without having to worry about any logistics.

Alternatively, you can decide to print yourself and sell thanks to our suite of tools made available through your account.

You print as many copies as you like along with their activation QR codes so you can hand them over personally or put them on sale on your website or any other platform.

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Promote, Communicate and Sell

Augment your prints with the advanced technologies built into our tools and bring your promotional campaigns to life, from flyers to brochures, classic posters and even large format billboards.

Augmented prints allow you to unleash your creativity and generate an unprecedented level of reach and engagement through the interactivity offered to your audience.

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Enhance Your Event with Augmented Prints

Planning an event, maybe a wedding?

Augmented Prints are the ideal way to engage your guests with pre-event invitations, venue posters or post event best memories.

Don't miss out!

Augment your event