Augment Your Favorite Memories

A4 prints start at 39€

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How it works?

1. You upload your content (videos and/or images).

2. Our resident artists process them into AR experiences.

3. You use our app to see the prints come to life.

It feels a bit like magic and quickly becomes an exciting topic of conversation with guests.

Photo Prints Box
Fine Art Paper
Premium Linen Canvas

Augmented Prints

GoodTimes AR offers a range of Augmented Print Services for you to chose from. If you have a special request for size or medium dont hesitate contact us for more information.

Premium Photo Paper A4 and A3, 300g
Fine Art Paper From A4, 320g
Offset Poster From 80x45 cm, 210g
Premium Linen Canvas From 80x45 cm, 400g

Augmented Prints Box

Create your own Augmented Print Box, from a single print starting at just €39 with the next print at just €29. Every 5 prints get 1 free print.

The print box is ideal because it allows multiple family members or guests to enjoy the AR experience by passing the prints around.

Available in A4 and A3, you can leave them in the box to share on the coffee table or frame them and put them on your walls.

The Augmented Prints platform for everyone

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Augmented Events

Whether you have a favorite video of your wedding or simply planning it, don't miss out on augmenting it! This is true for all your events with family or friends or even as members of the same club.

This is the ideal way to engage your guests with pre-event invitations, posters and other prints during the event and of course a closing post event campaign of Augmented Prints to share the best offs.

Simply Register, and one of our agent will attend to your request, nothing is done automatically here, every project is treated with care and deserved attention.